“Nothing can look more beautiful than a cat doing its thing. You see two snow leopards as the sun goes down right behind their heads and you think: ‘I’m never going to get this picture.’ But you snap away, directly into the sun, and you get it.” Photographer Paul Bussell’s innovative images have appeared on billboards, television and in print around the world. His latest work highlights the fragility of endangered big cats around the world and offers buyers of limited edition art prints the chance to help secure the animals’ future;  a percentage of the cost price goes to charities which work to protect various species from extinction. “Our children need to know how important it is that these species survive - we need to show them these images before it’s too late. For several species, it already is.” See Paul's full biography.

Natural History Museum Christmas Fair. We are exhibiting with a chalet 18th - 24th December 2008. Look forward to seeing you there. For more information about the fair go to the Natural History Museum website.

Time is running out for the bigs cats. We can all help save them.